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Charter Bus Rentals NYC

The most often complaint heard by locals and travelers alike when it comes to NYC is the traffic. The abundance of vehicles, pedestrians, and general population can make the city a difficult one to navigate. Getting where you want to go and seeing all that you’d like can be facilitated by expert travel arrangements in bus rentals. We’ll deliver your entire group in a considerate and timely manner so that you can take a big a bite out of the Big Apple as you’d like.

Large groups and a Coach Bus Rental NYC go hand in hand, but if you haven’t used the service in a while, you might still envision a glorified school bus, uncomfortable and unpleasant. This situation is not the case any longer. While we offer varying levels of luxury, you can expect reclining seats, plenty of room for luggage, and spacious passenger areas, leaving your traveling party happy and comfortable. Moreover, our rides are dependable no matter which option you choose from our fleet. We hold full insurance on all of our vehicles, and we take care of each fleet member to the utmost degree. Rely on us to deliver you safely and comfortably.

Your options are not limited to charters. We also offer the services of a Minibus Charter Bus Rentals NYC for smaller groups who don’t need the space of larger vehicles. These machines offer a similar level of comfort, but are often chosen for shorter trips. If you need a ride for a church trip, wedding, or corporate meeting, we’ll provide more than adequate service for all of your travel needs.

Traveling to NYC can be intimidating, so having a local driver who knows the area and isn’t intimated is a great asset to your trip. Our drivers know this city, and they use upgraded GPS systems to find lesser known destinations. Don’t worry that you’ll be lost or waste time while you’re in the city. We know that your trip matters a great deal to you, and we treat your time with the respect that it deserves. All of our chauffeurs are substance abuse monitored and background investigated, allowing you to be comfortable with your schedule and safety in hand.

Professional transportation doesn’t mean that you’ll pay exorbitant rates, even though it can. Choose us, and you’ll find astonishingly affordable New York charter bus prices, particularly when compared with the value of the services that we provide. We know that we provide a useful and practical service that is also high end and luxurious, but we want to make the experience widely available for all. Pay less, but get more when you allow us to navigate you through the city.

Charter Bus Company New York



Charter Bus Rentals NYC

Ride with Coach Bus Rental NYC and Avoid Delay

Best Way to Charter a Bus in NYC

Getting around the Big Apple can be a challenge. There are many ways to travel throughout New York City, including the subway, cabs, limos, and buses. When you have a larger group all traveling into the city together, you should consider a charter bus rental.

Why a charter bus rental in NYC?

New York City is an incredibly large area. Between the five boroughs, there are hundred square miles to cover. As a result, relying on a cab can be incredibly costly and you won’t get the comfort you deserve and will be treated the way you might want to.When you’re traveling with a larger group, things become even more complicated. That’s because a cab can only handle about four people at a time. There are shuttle buses and public transportation, but again you may be limited on how many people can get on board at a time.

If you’re planning on only visiting downtown Manhattan, to visit Times Square, the Empire State Building, Freedom Tower, and more, for example, you may assume you can walk between each of these sightseeing destinations with your large group. What many people fail to realize and are completely surprised by is the incredible distance between most of these attractions.


You could spend the better part of your day just walking and, if there are elderly individuals in the group, it may not be practical to do so. A walk between the Empire State Building and the new Freedom Tower could take more than two hours, especially when there is a lot of traffic. By hiring a New York Bus Charter Rentals and coach bus rental in NYC, you can sit back and enjoy riding along the streets of New York City in comfort and style.

The Best Way to Hire a Quality Charter Bus Rental in NYC.

The best way to go about hiring any type of charter bus rental company in NYC or elsewhere is to focus on customer service and support. New York Charter Bus Company provides 24/7 customer service and support and they are just about the only one that does. Most other New York Charter Bus Companies that provide coach buses and minibuses are only available during normal working hours. That’s the first way to check and see how well they are actually going to treat you and your group. The next is by focusing on safety. A Charter Bus New York City company that has been around for many years, such as since 1993, likely has a strong track record for safety and other successes.

Minibus Charter Bus Rentals NYC

Depending on the size of your group, you want a New York Charter Bus Company that can handle any size, even short notice changes to your schedule. Charter Bus Rental NYC can do all of that, and more. They also have one of the largest bus fleets in the industry; they can handle small groups and large groups up to 4,000 people, and more. Finally, if you want company that offers immediate billing, bottled water upon request for all of your guests, can accept last minute reservations, and has the most experienced, safest, and knowledgeable drivers in the industry, then you want Charter Bus Rental NYC.


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